Atkins Diet And Erectile Dysfunction: Trouble Keeping It Up?

A 51 year old man started the Atkins diet as a healthy person.  He had low cholesterol, no arterial blockage, no chest pain and no erectile dysfunction.  29 months after starting the Atkins diet, he ended up requiring a stent in his heart and Viagra.  After his stent surgery, he changed his diet to a low fat vegan diet and reversed his heart disease and his erectile dysfunction, meaning he no longer required Viagra to get an erection.  Case study can be found here.

The Power Of The Mind

Wim Hof is able to run a marathon in 0 degree weather, with no prior endurance training, in a pair of boxer shorts and sandals.  He previously summited Everest and Kilimanjaro wearing only a pair of shorts.  This documentary provides a small glimpse of the raw unlimited power that meditative practices can bring to the human experience. Watch a TEDTalk by Wim here.

But this gets even better.

You can actually prevent muscle loss by using just your mind.  Full study here.