Dr. Mary Neal Discusses Her Near Death Experience

Dr. Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, discusses her near death experience that occurred during a kayaking trip in 1999 when her kayak got stuck, submerged under a waterfall, for nearly 30 minutes.  Neal was drowned, and had to be revived by CPR after being miraculously dislodged and flushed down river.

What Causes Diabetes?

Dr. Michael Greger explains why the consumption of saturated fats from animal products destroys insulin producing pancreatic cells and leads to lipotoxicity (toxic fat) build up.  In controlled experiments, it has been shown that within hours of eating saturated animal fat, beta cell function, which is responsible for insulin control, is impaired.

Cop Blows 17 Year Old Unarmed Kid Away For Flashing High Beams

This is pretty much how things go with all aspects of government.  The most mundane and trivial of infractions can always result in a dead human being because ultimately all laws are enforced at the point of a gun.  Any failure to comply with a state functionary ALWAYS results in the escalation of violence until compliance or death results.  Now a kid is dead over some total bullshit, and the cop keeps his job so he has the opportunity to kill more unarmed kids in the future.

Atkins Diet And Erectile Dysfunction: Trouble Keeping It Up?

A 51 year old man started the Atkins diet as a healthy person.  He had low cholesterol, no arterial blockage, no chest pain and no erectile dysfunction.  29 months after starting the Atkins diet, he ended up requiring a stent in his heart and Viagra.  After his stent surgery, he changed his diet to a low fat vegan diet and reversed his heart disease and his erectile dysfunction, meaning he no longer required Viagra to get an erection.  Case study can be found here.