Why Do We Have A Juvenile Court System?

If we never use it when it actually matters? Prosecutors in Wisconsin have elected to charge two twelve-year-old girls as adults in the “Slender Man” attempted murder case. THEY ARE TWELVE YEARS OLD. THEY THINK AN INTERNET MEME IS REAL. They didn’t try to kill someone over a bad drug deal.  They didn’t try to kill…

Philosopher Alan Watts Describes His Experiences On Drugs

“…the programs, government sponsored, concerning the use of addictive drugs, are a total failure.  Not only a total failure, but they are making the problem worse.  They are so stupid, that anyone supporting those laws must either be a moron or involved in the racket. It’s that bad. First of all, we all know that…

Congress Set To End NSA Domestic Spying

Just kidding.  Happy April 1st. I was going to headline, “Congress set to end NSA domestic spying, audit the Fed, eliminate Obamacare, balance the budget, withdraw all troops from foreign soil and end prohibition”  but I thought that would be a little much, even for a joke.