Useless Idiots

Stories about people who are useless to society.

Bernanke’s Gold Bashing Propaganda Tour

Article I wrote for PolicyMic: Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve , recently spoke at George Washington University while on a government sponsored campaign to help prop up the theory of central economic planning in the face of widespread public criticism. During his speech Bernanke took pot shots at free market money. Bernanke remarked that, “Since…

America’s Founders Were Pro-Big Government, But Only Because It Suited Their Interests

Recently, PolicyMic pundit Mathew Rozsa authored an article “Memo to Ron Paul and Glenn Beck: America’s Founders Were Not Anti-Government” in which he makes the case that many of the founding fathers wanted a progressive centralized national state. On this point, I agree with him 100%. However, Rozsa then goes on to claim that Federalists like Alexander Hamilton wanted…

Time: Quit the $100 Bill


I have altered this Time Magazine article by replacing “North Korea” with “The Federal Reserve”, as well as some minor edits to maintain story continuity.  This is a unique satirical work protected by the fair use clause.  This work is public domain and may be reproduced without restrictions. David Wolman of Time Magazine writes: U.S. negotiators are…

DIE HIPPIES! – LOL Your Pants Off

A must watch episode for hippie hating connoisseurs. non-Hulu link: South Park Season 9 Episode 2 Normally at this point in the post I would throw in some poignant remark on State sponsored violence followed by some random comments on why Bitcoins are so cool. Which is why I’m not going to do that this time.