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DEA Hits More CA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Activists there accuse local officials of calling in the feds to do their dirty work after their own anti-dispensary efforts were blocked in state court. The city had spent $600,000 in its failed legal efforts. Federal agents Saturday handed out asset forfeiture notices to some of the dispensaries. As of Tuesday, five of the eight…

WALL STREET INSIDER: The Obama White House Wants Us Gone. All of Us.

Our latest interview with a longtime Wall Street Insider reveals details of a troubling Obama White House stance against Wall Street executives voicing concern over the now daily violence permeating the Occupy Wall Street movement – and a belief the Obama administration may be actively engaged in helping create that conflict.

Press TV taken off air in UK – war for freedom of speech now on

Chris Bambery, a political analyst in London explains the possible motivation behind Britain’s move: “To me Press TV has a much wider range of debate than it is available on BBC, with views of people who support their Republican Party in the United States, who support free market policies in this country. I have debated…