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Press TV taken off air in UK – war for freedom of speech now on

Chris Bambery, a political analyst in London explains the possible motivation behind Britain’s move: “To me Press TV has a much wider range of debate than it is available on BBC, with views of people who support their Republican Party in the United States, who support free market policies in this country. I have debated…

Italian Students Storm Milan Goldman Sachs Office

Italians, once again betrayed by their politicians who were bribed by Berlusconi to vote for him in the latest vote of “confidence” (at a price of €250k per vote), have decided to make their feelings for financial innovation, and its patron saint, known, by storming the Goldman office in Milan.

Border Patrol agent convicted of drug trafficking

PHOENIX (Reuters) – A U.S. Border Patrol agent caught with more than 700 pounds of marijuana inside his truck was convicted in Arizona on Wednesday of drug-trafficking charges, authorities said. Michael Atondo, 34, was arrested in April while on duty near the U.S.-Mexico border, with 44 marijuana bundles stacked neatly inside his marked border-patrol vehicle.

Ron Paul wins Bloomberg readers poll as best candidate on the economy

On October 12th, the Republican presidential hopefuls met at Dartmouth University for a debate on economic issues which was sponsored by Bloomberg. Several questions that included taxation, job creation, housing, and welfare benefits were asked of the candidates, and in a readers poll conducted after the debates were finished, Congressman Ron Paul was voted the…