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Bank Of America CDS Hits Escape Velocity

We take this moment from your busy schedules to update you that the CDS of Bank of America has reached escape velocity and has now entered suborbital traffic. At 370 bps, which is where the CDS is trading as of this moment, it is only 30 away from the 400 it hit in March of…

The Coming Silver Revolution

“Our entire currency system is imaginary. It doesn’t really exist. It’s just that we’re all dreaming the same dream. If anybody chooses to wake up … It’s over with” – Mike Maloney The monetary revolution will not be televised. The paradigm shift towards decentralized monetary systems is in progress.

Pew Research Confirms Media Bias Against Ron Paul

Paul's coverage also lags far behind (Donald) Trump (94 stories), who dallied with a run before opting out in mid-May and (former Alaska Gov. Sarah) Palin (85 stories), who has given no indication to date that she will enter the race. In addition, Paul trails longshot candidate and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (44 stories)…