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America Dream Presents Press Announcement

American Dream, in association with My Inner Circle Inc., presents America Fight Night Press Tour, Sponsored by the and the Libertarian Party of Nevada Tags: American Dream Presents Libertarian Party of Nevada

Demystifying Black holes

Current mainstream understanding of the galaxies is that they have super-massive black holes in their centre’s which are mired in mystery in regards to their actual operations and various theoretical models have been invented to describe their behaviour. Most of these Theoretical/Mathematical models are based upon many vague assumptions and are really difficult to understand…

Misplaced Outrage

Misplaced Outrage Today, every 16 minutes of it, someone will die by the injection of hot lead fired from a weapon deep into the cavities of their body. Waves of pain and shock coursing through them over milliseconds as they die almost instantly, or worse, the slower death of their lungs collapsing as they slowly…

Audit the Fed: Is the Momentum Dying?

The Entire Banking System Is in Bed with the Fed “Independent” Fed Is Actually a Shameless Political Animal Tags: audit the fed, banking, banks, Bernie Sanders, congress, conservative, dc, democrats, economics, fed, federal reserve, finance, Hillary Clinton, investing, janet yellen, ohio, republican, Ron Paul, sherrod brown, washington, washington dc

Most Libertarians are Christians (or have no religion)

According to a poll on the Libertarian Party website, most self-identified libertarians in the poll are Christians. Following Christians, the non-religious (including atheists and agnostics) make up the next largest group of liberty lovers. Tags: Libertarianism

Who Judges the Judges?

In this op-ed piece, Professor Sukkary discusses the secretive modus operandi of the California Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP), the state’s judicial watchdog agency. Tags: Commission on Judicial Performance, government secrecy, judicial accountability, transparency

Markets Crashing, Gold Rising

U.S. Investors are on edge following last week’s and today’s sell-off in stocks around the globe. The carnage impacted equity markets in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Interestingly, the U.S. dollar also weakened. And bonds and gold are getting most of the safe-haven buying. People are starting to wonder what the central planners might do…