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But Who Will Build the Roads?

Hello, This is an article I wrote about a British man who built his own road, the first private road in England for 100 years, because the local council would not and it was needed by the community. Thanks for reading this, Alex Tags: libertarian economics private toll roads

Cop Guns Down Teen For Contempt

Witnesses to the shooting identified the victim as Michael Brown, 18. They say he was walking in the middle of a street with a friend, Dorin Johnson, when a Ferguson officer drove up and ordered them to the sidewalk. Johnson said they told him they were a minute away from their destination and then they…

Cops Beat Cuffed Homeless Man Unconscious

In a horrifying 2 minute long video shared to Facebook on August 5, a mob of Antioch Police are seen violently attacking a handcuffed homeless man on the corner of L St. & Buchanan. The man was tased, hit with batons, bit in the face by a K9- twice, and rendered unconscious, according to witnesses.…

Cop Arrests Sober Driver For DUI After He Hit Her

The truth might never have surfaced were it not for video from a nearby airport surveillance camera. It shows what investigators say is Deputy Quiles’ squad car traveling west on Hutsteiner Avenue, then continuing onto Howell without making a complete stop, as Quiles claimed in his report. The Sheriff’s Office knew about the video just…

Cop Blows Kid Away For Dating His Daughter

“We were outside for five minutes and that’s when my dad pulled up,” she said. “There was no argument. I walked away and Jeremey introduced himself and my dad shot him.” Lake died from his injuries. Lisa Kepler was not injured. Tags: Police State