Cops Destroy Empty Home, Refuse To Pay Damages

Cause $100,000 in damages during a botched raid on an empty home, then refuse to pay for damages.

“A SWAT team spent hours firing “mortars, grenades, and teargas canisters” at an empty home. The 4-hour siege destroyed windows, doors, and walls and left the home in ruin. The suspect didn’t even live at the address, and the innocent homeowner was left homeless for months and ultimately was stuck with over $100,000 in repair bills, which the responsible parties have refused to pay.

The wild raid took place on April 25, 2012. Police entered a gated community and surrounded a condo they believed to contain a robbery suspect.

Instead of knocking on the door or getting a visual on the suspect and arresting him, police decided to execute a dramatic siege in a residential neighborhood in hopes of causing anyone inside to surrender. Police surrounded the condo, closed off the street, and evacuated the neighbors.

For four hours, police shot “rockets and grenades filled with pepper gas” at the home, breaking every window and making a mess of everything inside. Teargas was fired from 40-mm canisters into the home, pumping everything inside full of caustic chemicals. After hours of using their toys, SWAT placed explosives on the front door and blew it off the hinges.”

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