Cops Invade Home Without Warrant, Shoot Dogs, Arrest Couple

No charges were filed. The cop’s story about the dogs is a demonstrable lie.

A Warrington, Florida couple was asleep in their bed when a group of Escambia County sheriff’s deputies climbed into their home without a warrant, held them at gunpoint, cursed at them, threw a woman to the ground, cuffed them, then entered their bedroom and proceeded to shoot their two dogs, hurting one so badly he had to be euthanized and injuring the other with a bullet to his leg, the Pensacola News Journal reports.

Deputies justified the home invasion of Cristina Moses, 32, and her fiance, Travis Nicholas, 22, by saying they were looking for a suspect who they believed may have entered the home and they wanted “to assure the safety of the occupants.”

In fact, the occupants’ safety was threatened only by the deputies, one of their dogs is now dead and their house covered in blood. Ironically, their dog is now dead because the officers were seeking to assure their own safety, not that of the occupants, because “officer safety” is always paramount.

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