Cops Severely Beat 70-Year-old Man During a Diabetic Attack

When dealing with police, the average person is always guilty until proven innocent. Apparently this rule even applies to senior citizens who are experiencing medical emergencies.

On January 4th of this year in San Antonio a 70-year old diabetic was brutally assaulted by police at a traffic stop because they had suspected him of being drunk. However, the man was not drunk, but was actually feeling ill and experiencing a diabetic attack.

70 year old Thomas Mathieu was spotted by police while he was stopped in a turn lane, and they immediately thought the worst.

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  • Tom

    NOTHING will ever change until there are meaningful CONSEQUENCES. Cops are more than anxious to show all of us there are consequences they will pass out if we don’t behave according to their rules. Likewise, cops must be subject to consequences from a just and sane society when their behavior breaks the rules. Bad cops need to be sued personally and they need to be prosecuted criminally.

  • disqus_YVFPO5iQUB

    If cops would have checked the guys breath they would have found a minty smell and they would have known it was not alchol but a diabetic attack