Cops Shatter The Face Of Innocent Man

COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA — A man says that while he was working on his tractor in his driveway, a van pulled up and a dozen men with rifles piled out and assaulted him. As they bashed his head in, breaking bones in his face, he believed they were there to kill him. It was later determined that police had attacked a completely innocent man due to a false police report, drawing questions about why police acted so brutally against a man who did not resist and made no threats.

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  • Tom

    This crap isn’t going to stop until courts start bringing criminal charges against and prosecuting law enforcement that goes bad. And in so many of these cases, the cops and prosecutors are knowingly violating citizens’ civil rights – which the laws allow citizens to sue them personally for. Citizens need to make it common practice that they devistate bad cops financially for illegal practices. Let a few cops lose their homes, cars, boats, furniture, savings accounts and a big chunk of their future income. And don’t let them claim bankruptcy to get out of it. THAT will make a difference!