Cops Smack 58 Year Old Woman In The Face

A video posted to facebook today shows two belligerent cops assault a man and his mother.

The man filming is Richard Phillips who was at his mother’s house today when two Wareham, Massachusetts police officers, Chandler and Verhaegen showed up at the door.

It is unclear as to why the officers were there, but they were questioning the mother and she responded by saying she was “drinking strawberry milk and smoking a cigarette.”

Phillips clearly announces that he is filming as required by Massachusetts state law when interacting with police.

However, this does not stop officer Verhaegen from barging in and grabbing at Phillips’ camera.

During the forced entry into the house, the officers struck Phillips’ mother in the face.

Phillips then dials 9-1-1 to report to the uniformed gang members that there are uniformed gang members at his house.

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    he said that 2 officers and thier names not 2 uniformed gang members