Cops Tackle Elderly Couple Over Perscription Mistake

BURLINGTON — A month after an 83-year-old man agreed to a plea deal on criminal charges, he said he still is upset despite knowing they will be dropped if he behaves himself for another 10½ months.

Army veteran Robert Cirpinski, of Burlington, said a pharmacist with the Pharmacy Station in Burlington mistakenly filled a prescription for hydrocodone last year for him, in addition to a new medication prescribed by his doctor.

When pharmacy staff sent police to the home Cirpinski shares with his wife, the retiree refused to give up his prescription without police signing for it, according to Cirpinski and court records.

“They dropped the felony charge of the prescription (medication). I’m not supposed to harass the police people,” Cirpinski told The Journal Times. “I guess I can’t do anything for a year.”

That’s because Cirpinski pleaded no contest last month, on April 15, to two misdemeanor charges: theft and resisting an officer. A no-contest plea means Cirpinski didn’t admit to the allegations, but did not contest prosecutors’ ability to prove the charges in court.

Cirpinski was charged on Feb. 25, 2013, with possession of narcotic drugs, a felony, and two misdemeanor counts — theft and resisting an officer — in the Jan. 8, 2013, incident.

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    Is a perscription anything like a prescription?