Former Tea Party Governor Makes Possession of Bong a Felony

It’s another sign that the Tea Party meme is an excuse to institute more statist coercion. Florida Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation that will make possession of a pipe a third degree felony beginning July 1. A third degree felony in Florida could result in a five year prison term, a loss of the right to vote (for career politicos like Scott), and a lifelong criminal stigma.

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  • natschultz

    He cannot legally do that – pipes are used for smoking LEGAL tobacco! Especially Hookas. Never-mind that many people collect them because many are hand-blown works of glass art. Does this ban include corncob pipes as well? And besides, what’s next? Apparently he is exceedingly well informed about all the unique alternative apparatus’s one may creatively use to smoke out of. So, along with rolling papers, I guess he will need to ban notebook paper, any and all plants with leaves, and of course BOOKS!

    • The lesson here is that the state can do whatever it wants.

  • Dave Cochrane

    Just shows that the US constitution is merely symbolic. Lawmakers don’t take any notice of it anymore, it’s an irrelevance to them and probably to 90% of the dumbass population who couldn’t care less. (I know in the US the phrase has evolved into “*could* care less” but that just doesn’t make sense, sorry.) Incidentally, it’s no different here in the UK. Our lawmakers have zero respect for individual liberty, and the 90% moronic population wouldn’t know what the word “liberty” even means.