Jury Declines to Imprison Man Who Survived a Cop’s Murder Attempt

As the deadlocked jury was dismissed in the trial of Delaware resident Michael W. Rogers, at least half of them favored the defendant with a smile. Perhaps the prosecution hadn’t been sufficiently diligent in their efforts to purge the jury pool of decent and conscientious people. Another possibility is that half or more of the panel rebelled against the indecency of trying to imprison a 53-year-old man for the supposed offense of surviving a police officer’s attempt to murder him.

Last August, Rogers was asleep in the home he shares with his then-87-year-old mother, Lorraine, when Delaware State Trooper Matthew Morgan materialized on their doorstep. Morgan said that he wanted to question Rogers about a non-injury traffic accident that had occurred earlier that evening. Unfortunately, Lorraine — whose family includes law enforcement officers — let the 28-year-old stranger into the home, rather than ordering him away.

When Michael was told that a police officer wanted to speak with him, he replied that he needed to put his clothes on. In short order Morgan invited himself into Michael’s bedroom and assaulted him. When he failed to subdue the much older man, Morgan attempted to shoot him with a Taser, but the reliably lethal device had no effect.

Apparently frustrated over losing a fight, the costumed aggressor pulled his gun and pointed it at Michael and Lorraine.

“Don’t you shoot my mother!” exclaimed Michael. In reply Morgan emptied his clip, hitting Michael with six of nine rounds.

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