New drug would let people get drunk without health risks

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London says his research team has developed a drug that targets the brain’s neurotransmitters to mimic the effects of drinking without the risk of addiction or other negative effects.

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  • Dave Cochrane

    Pie in the sky. The control freaks who rule our lives won’t let us use cannabis (or any other recreational drug for that matter, besides booze and cigs) and they certainly won’t let us use this.

  • binra

    There is an underlying mentality that in archaic terms would be the attempt to ‘sin without consequence’. This will not mean anything or have inverse meaning to the modern mind – yet in the sense I mean is the coercive exploitation of the Life – whether that be the Life Force, the Consciousness – or one’s body-mind, one’s relations – that is each other.
    A coercive will is not a cooperative will. It claims to give ‘liberty’ yet costs awareness of freedom. An elite or self-special segregated private self interest is the consequence of ‘sin’. Such compulsive identity operates as self negative experience- and life-negative reaction.
    The exploration of consciousness as a reintegrative movement, is the reconnecting with an innocent curiosity, and an unselfconscious self-honesty.
    Truly it is the active consciousness that determines the nature of all things and not a thing in and of itself – because there aint no such thing!