NYPD Beats Old Man For Jaywalking

Traffic safety is important for pedestrians as well as drivers. For example, if you jaywalk in New York City, you could get beaten to a bloody pulp by a crowd of angry cops. That’s unsafe!

Recently the intersection of Broadway and 96th has been plagued by a streak of fatal car vs pedestrian collisions. Two people were killed there on the same day last week, then on Sunday a young doctor was struck by an ambulance of all things.

In response, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton ordered beat cops to start issuing tickets for jaywalking. When he last did this, in 1998, cops complained about the unnecessary burden of issuing thousands of tickets to New York’s unruly pedestrians.

One such unruly pedestrian, 84-year-old Kang Wong from Korea, went jaywalking in the exact spot where the doctor had been killed 12 hours earlier. When police ordered him to stop, he didn’t understand. When police tried to give him a ticket, he didn’t understand. Then when police started beating the bejesus out of him, he super didn’t understand.

Because there had been an accident in the same location earlier in the day, a clump of photo journalists and reporters were on hand to document the beating. By the time the cops shoved Kang Wong into a police car, his blood was all over his face and the sidewalk. But the good news is that he didn’t get hit by a car. The NYPD will be hoping he remembers that while they’re stitching him up at the hospital.


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