Okay Libertarians. Who’s it gonna be? Johnson or not-Obama?

Franklin, Jefferson, Paine… Johnson

As a Libertarian, you've just gotta love Gary Johnson. I personally adore the man. He knows that we need to bring our soldiers home. He speaks openly about reducing crime and gang violence nation-wide by ending the black market of drugs. He'd never agree to raise the debt ceiling – he'd actually want to pay our debt. He significantly cut spending and taxes in New Mexico during his two terms as governor. He even vetoed a bill because “this piece of legislation [is] just way too long and we don’t understand what it says.” (Take that, Ms. “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” Pelosi.) He stands by every libertarian principle I can think of whether it be fiscally conservative or socially liberal. He's the one candidate who would have a remote chance of getting our country out of the mess it's in. However, as Libertarians, we are also all too aware of where another four years of Barack Obama would get us.

Obama's failure is our future

For now, we've got facts like these to ponder:

Lowest percentage of taxpayers paying income taxes in the modern era (49 percent).
Highest rate of government dependency in American history (47 percent of Americans receive one or more federal benefit payments).
America’s sovereign debt rating has been downgraded for the first time in our nation’s history.
Adding more debt to our nation than all other 43 presidents combined
All of his lies, about 100 on record so far – things like Obamacare is “absolutely not a tax.”
President Obama said in February 2009 that the stimulus would lift “2 million Americans from poverty.” But since Obama took office, 6.3 million Americans have fallen into poverty.
I have friends who are so liberal, they don't even have a clue about our deficit, our debt, how “flexible” Obama said he'd be after his re-election to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, how much Michele Obama spends of our hard earned money on her vacations, that middle eastern kings and the rest of the world's wealthy come to the US for their health care, Obama's marxist past, etc. They also can't stomach the right wing's moral broken record. They are still, even though it's like shooting yourself in the foot when you can't get antibiotics, going to vote for our own Nobel Peace Prize winner again. They simply can't get over W, and born-again America.

So, my serious consideration – and what I want your opinion on – is that this election is in the hands of us Libertarians. Post-Ron Paul, our numbers are staggering. If we vote our hearts, Governor Johnson will come in a close third in the race, and Barry will win again. And then most of us are going to start wondering if New Zealand is very open to immigrants. If we want what's best for our nation and our liberty, and we stop and think about it, as the nausea sets in, we will simply be forced to vote for Romney.

We all know that it will be Washington garbage in, garbage out as usual, but at least Mitt will be facing re-election, and would likely put off any real funny business until his second term, the kind of second-term funny business from Obama that would sink the nation. That is, if we're not already sunk.

I know that trying to pin Libertarians down is like herding cats, and that's one of the hallmarks of being a Libertarian – we don't take too kindly to being herded. However, I really do want to hear from some of you. As much as I know that Gary Johnson would be the greatest president since Lincoln, I also know he's more likely to be a Ross Perot, who received 18.9% of the vote, and for whom I proudly cast my first presidential vote at the wee age of 20, and then wore black for the next week in mourning of the liar my vote elected – who won the presidency with one of the smallest percentages of the popular vote in history.

My solution is for us to be smart about this. Not just principled, but really thoughtful. If we can elect an R for four years, then a D for four, then an R for four, and so on until the nation realizes that the vast majority of us are truly Libertarian and vote in an L, then no single man (or woman) will have a lame duck term where he or she can do political favors, spend us into oblivion, and speed us along to the demise of all democracies historically thus far.

Vote Counting in Spain?

Of course, all of this is a serious waste of time if it's true that this November's vote is going to be counted in Spain by some friend of Obama.

We need to vote in a Libertarian majority in Congress. We need Libertarian sheriffs, state houses, judges, school boards, and city councils. And for President this year, you might need, gulp, to vote for the R.

If you live in a red state like Texas, show our strength and vote for Gary Johnson. But if you live in a swing or blue state and you love liberty, I'm suggesting that your liberty-based decision is heavier than mine.

Sticking my liberty loving, Constitution abiding neck out,

Betsy Dewey, Libertarian Candidate, US House of Representatives – Texas District 25.

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  • I really enjoyed the spirit of this article. The most important thing all those that believe foremost in liberty can do right now is help Gary Johnson achieve the mandatory 15% national rating required for him to enter into the debate with Obama. Getting the common sense message Gary Johnson has into the public psyche will serve the cause of all Libertarians and America.

  • Gonna have to repost this, I see…

    Always vote your conscience and do so with conviction. Never let another convince you that a vote for any particular candidate is a vote for the candidate that they themselves loathe. True gubernatorial voting is never asking you to vote against someone, but rather FOR someone. By all means, allow for others to debate you. By being open about our convictions we come that much closer to civilit
    y and intelligent approach to the ills of our societies. Since the advent of mass media, and the associated ability to fuel the fears that linger in our minds, the peoples of many nations have become more and more controlled by those that would do us harm. If ever there was a time in modern history where the idiom ‘with a grain of salt’ should not only be adhered to, but also become a learned practice for our youth, I believe that it is now.” – Me, David Lee Moreno

  • In leftists states like California or New York that Romney could never win, the quandary of electing Obama by voting for Johnson does not arise. Libertarian-leaning Republicans, Democrats and independents can vote for Johnson without a second thought.

    In more evenly split states, wavering voters should be encouraged to consider and compare the major party candidates. Doing so will reveal, rhetoric aside, there are few or no significant policy difference between the two. A weak showing by the strongest Libertarian candidate to ever run for President — Gary Johnson — will only cause both the Republicans and Democrats to continue to ignore calls for civil liberties, reduced spending, and non-intervention in foreign affairs. A strong showing by Johnson, on the other hand, would encourage both parties to appeal more to the libertarian voting bloc after the election. Such has happened in the past. For example, the balanced Federal budget in the mid ’90’s may be at least partly attributed to Perot’s strong showing in ’92 where he emphasized the importance of a balanced budget. Also, polls show that Johnson is likely to take about as many votes from Obama as from Romney. Johnson’s demonstrated success in governing — something Ross Perot never had in his record — is a bonus. For all of these reasons, even in the closely divided states, you should definitely vote for Gary Johnson if you like what he stands for.

  • Never, EVER, vote anything but your conscience! That’s what America is all about. Do you think that we are stuck with the Dems and Pubs? This country started out with the Torys and the Whigs – at one time both the Democratic and Republican parties were 3rd parties. So this nonsense about “a vote for a 3rd party candidate is really a vote for xxx (fill in the name of the Dem OR Pub running)” – is just that – utter nonsense.

    I used to be a liberal Dem- (hangs head) I voted for Obama in 2008. He failed miserably (yes he did!). NEVER AGAIN!! And I hate the Pubs, especially Romney. My only choices were: 1) stay out of the election completely, or 2) find a 3rd party candidate I really liked. I found Gov. Johnson. His positions almost completely jive with mine (I still have a couple of minor concerns). I’m VERY impressed with his record running New Mexico. Let’s get him the 15% he needs to become part of the debates!

    Do you realize that, in a 3-way race, the winner may need to get as little as 33% in our f****d-up voting system? We can do this!