Park Ranger Arrests Man With Leg Cramps

After hiking the entire Grand Canyon in less than one day, a group of tired hikers got pulled over for having too many people in the car. When the driver begins to have violently painful leg cramps and must get out of the car. The officer proceeds to arrest him for not obeying orders.

The driver who was arrested is a physicians assistant. The woman in the blue shirt was the drivers wife. Also a registered nurse.

After this incident, the driver was finally let go and given charges for:
Not enough seat belts. (Deserved)
Resisting Arrest.
Disobeying an officer.

Officer Information:
Name: Jon Vonk.
Badge Number: 1336.
Position: Park Ranger at the Grand Canyon National Park.

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  • Lucky he didn’t get shot, with the level of competence that park rangers and cops have these days.

  • lisa

    It seems that the Officer was reacting to his situation. Funny how the filming does not start until the people in the car felt they were being “mistreated” If the driver was so “ill” that he needed an ambulance then why was he driving. If his family was so concerned about his health then they should have called an ambulance to come treat him. The comments state that he and his wife are in the medical profession….where was this knowledge letting an “ill” person behind the wheel where he could endanger the lives of everyone in the car and on the road. If an officer tells you to stay in the car if you do not he is at risk and must act accordingly.

    • Johnnie M

      well, there are not enough details about this event here to draw any real conclusion. But I will say that the attitude expressed by the poster above, the blind justification of law enforcements actions at the expense of civil liberty, is a disease which has overwhelmed our society. Far too many citizens are complacent with turning over their rights to the government, with the forfeiture beginning with our local governments.
      It’s about time we take inventory of our God given rights and take into consideration the ever increasing size of the government and expansion of it’s authority before we have none left. For decades the tyrannical forces throughout local state and federal government have instituted a very successful campaign designed to dumb down the populaces and redefine the various rights we are entitled to so that they are slowly made null and void.

      It’s going to be a very interesting and terrifying future.

  • Hush

    “disobeying an officer?!”

  • Hikinghippie

    Sooooo….if the driver tried to get out of the car the Ranger was probably fearing for his life, he probably thought the man was going to attack him for being pulled over. He did what he was within his right as an officer to do. You don’t get out of a car without explaining to the officer first. They don’t want to be stabbed or attacked or shot!

    How would you feel approaching a complete stranger and suddenly having them exit their vehicle at you?! You don’t know what might happen, what they might do!

    Also if the driver was having leg cramps, the idiot shouldn’t be hiking the canyon in a day. Obviously for a physicians assistant he had no idea what his body could handle. Its his own damn fault.