Police Beat Father and Child For No Reason

Miami Beach police beat up two French tourists, a father and son, for no reason, then threw the father in jail for six days, the men claim in Miami-Dade County Court. The tourists say the plainclothes officers never identified themselves as police until they had thoroughly beaten the bewildered Frenchmen.  Guy Sabine Moulin and his son Mayeul Moulin sued the cities of Miami Beach and Hialeah and four police officers, alleging false arrest, battery and civil rights violations.

The father claims he was at South Beach and left his two sons to wait for him on a bench while he went to pay for parking. When he returned, he says, his eldest son was being strangled and beaten by four men. Moulin says he jumped in to protect his son, and the men beat him too. The father says he was treated for injuries to his face and was jailed for six days, and his son was held overnight at a juvenile detention center.

“On or about August 8, 2008, plaintiff Guy Sabine Moulin and his two sons Mayeul Moulin (17) and Joris Moulin (13) were in the City of Miami, Florida on a family vacation when they went to Miami Beach for dinner at a restaurant on South Beach,” according to the complaint.

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