Police Forcibly Catheterize Man For Riding A Bike

“Officer Wilson then came over and stood with full force on the small of my back, applying painful pressure to my bladder which made it so I could not stop urinating. I remained on the bathroom floor in the hospital in a puddle of my own urine while he used his radio to call security.”

“I was then told they were going to catheterize me.”

Barnes expressed his “religious and moral objections” adding that he strongly opposed this action.
Panicked, and begging and pleading with officials not to catheterize him, the hospital staff proceeded to strap down his feet while officers and security guards held down his arms. Barnes continued to plead with staff saying he’d submit the UA via the cup, but Officer Wilson refused to wait any longer and ordered the catheter.
Barnes said, “After Officer Wilson and the others assisted the medical staff in removing my pants and underwear, he took my penis in his hands and forced a very long catheter into my urethra while I was screaming, crying, and very much sober and awake.”

“The invasion felt nothing short of rape. I screamed for an attorney and an impartial observer and received none. The pain was excruciating, the procedure was humiliating, and the worst wasn’t over.”

“Once officials got my sample and pulled the catheter out, the pain was so severe it induced an instant gag reflex, I vomited and dry heaved onto the floor. This was by far the worst pain and experience that ever happened to me.”

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