Students Taught Government Is Family, Caretaker, Demands Obedience

SKOKIE, IL — A homework assignment was given to children at a public school which revealed the true nature of this nation’s education model: to condition impressionable young people to accept the paternal role of the state; trusting, accepting, and obeying the state’s wishes as you would your own family. This familial role of the state has been formally advocated since the onset of public education in America.

Fourth-graders at East Prairie School in Skokie, Illinois, were distributed an assignment titled, “What is Government?”

The assignment was prefaced with a statement that caused a stir with some parents. The worksheet stated:

“Government is like a nation’s family. Families take care of each other and make sure they are safe, healthy, educated, and free to enjoy life. Families encourage children to be independent, hardworking, and responsible. Families make and enforce rules and give appropriate punishments when rules are broken. Government does these things for its citizens, too.”

The worksheet goes on to make a series of analogies between the state of families in the form of questions. It can be viewed below.

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  • James

    I would abolish my family if they behaved like the government.

  • Jonathan Jaech

    Government is like an alcoholic stepfather who spends all his family’s savings on hookers, booze and gambling, threatens violence incessantly, and rapes his stepchildren.