The Definition Of Insanity Part II

The Definition Of Insanity: Part II
Dylan Palme

My first article was about our lovely Federal Reserve and how every one in control of this country seems to think that money really does grow on trees.

Well, we can echo that message again because as Timothy Geithner's saying, America's going to have a “very major role” in “helping” (bailing out) Europe.

I know all of the nanny state loving neo-liberals and the demopublicans will nay say me and believe that it's our duty as such a prosperous (HAH) nation to help out failing countries. Well you know what? It's not. And even if we had the constitutional power to do so, right now wouldn't be the best time. And printing more money to inflate a continent that's going to keep failing isn't going to do anyone any good.

I know it sucks, I wish we could help, but this is just throwing a band-aid on a shot-gun wound to the head. More bailouts aren't going to do a thing to help them. They'll be somewhat stable for a few months, and then it will happen again!

And this is just going to do us more harm, especially after today (Friday the 14th) Obama plans to send 100 US Forces to Uganda. Don't you just love our nobel PEACE prize winning president, who has started more wars in his two and a half years as president than the war-loving George W. Bush.

The Occupy Wall Street folks must love Tiny Tim, this is what some of them are calling for. Wanting our loving mommy government to get us out of this problem they got us into, and that's just what Geithner's saying they're going to do!

“What you see is a general sense across the country from concern that the U.S. economy is not growing faster, you're not seeing unemployment come down more rapidly, you're not seeing incomes rising,” he said. “People to make sure that the government — Washington — is acting to make things better now.”

Everything's going to be better now. Your federal reserve note will be dead by the morning, but not completely, we still need you to purchase our precious slave goods at Wal-Mart.

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