A Final Salute To William Norman Grigg

The movement for freedom lost an important player yesterday.  William Norman Grigg died, aged 54, apparently from an infection. William is survived…

Debunking Cowspiracy

I recently took the time to watch the documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix.  The documentary basically makes the case for doing…

41.1% Of Women Are Obese

I’m too disgusted to bother writing about this. Here’s a link to the DM.

For men, the rates went from 32.2% to 37.9%.

I mean seriously… WTF people?  I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this point.

Man Convicted For Nazi Pug Joke

The court ruled that offending people is grounds for conviction.  I would steer clear of the UK from now on.

Edit.. It looks like YouTube banned the videos of Tommy Robinson, who was outside the court house reporting on the criminal actions of the UK government at the time.  Wow, this just gets creepier by the minute.

Last week the UK government banned several journalists who wanted to come into the country to interview a right wing political activist.

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