TSA Arrests Man Over Peanut Butter

An Arizona man who was arrested at the behest of the TSA, following a wisecrack over a jar of peanut butter is suing the federal agency for $5 million.
Frank Hannibal, 50, was detained and dragged from LaGuardia Airport recently by police after a run-in with TSA agents over the jar of gourmet sandwich spread.
“The liquid oil that separated from the peanut butter had them baffled,” Hannibal told the New York Daily News.
Hannibal then commented to his wife and children that “They’re looking to confiscate my explosives,” as TSA agents inspected the 16-ounce jar of “Crazy Richards” chunky peanut butter.
TSA screener Edwin Sanchez, overheard Hannibal’s remark, did not see the funny side, and immediately called the cops, according to the court complaint.
Hannibal spent the next 24 hours in a cell, during which time he was fed a peanut butter sandwich by cops who later charged him with the felony of “falsely reporting an incident”.
“It sounds laughable now but at the time to be led out of there like a terrorist was unbelievable,” Hannibal tells the Daily News. “My whole life was up in the air. It was a nightmare. My children were overwhelmed. It was crazy.”

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  • FEEuser

    Welcome to the POLICE STATE, Frank.

  • ddearborn


    And after it is all said and done the TSA will solemnly report to the media “He was just doing his job” What they won’t say of course is that his job is to intimidate and harass citizens. And what they won’t do is discipline these creeps let alone fire them.
    Nazi Gestapo had nothing on the the new “Homeland” security. Let us not forget that the US hired a bunch of former East German secret police to help “organize” Homeland security. Funny enough these guys were hired years BEFORE 9-11……….