Whistleblowers: Drug cartels throw fundraisers for U.S. officials

Two former law enforcement officials who worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as confidential informants on probes into police corruption have come forward with allegations of drug cartel ties to top cops, judges and elected officials.

Greg Gonzales, a retired sheriff's deputy, and Wesley Dutton, a former New Mexico livestock investigator, told The El Paso Times that the FBI uncovered some “big names” in the course of one investigation, but it was dropped without result.

Both men helped with several investigations during their 18 months as confidential informants, the report says, including one that ended with the arrest of FBI special agent John Shipley, who was allegedly selling guns to cartel members.

But far from a sole bad apple, these two whistleblowers claim drug cartels wield tremendous influence over law enforcement and elected officials, even throwing fundraisers and parties attended by “bankers, judges, and law enforcement officers.” Large campaign contributions, they added, have been made to help influence key appointments.

And perhaps one of the most outrageous claims in their report: law enforcement is said to have personally escorted drug shipments, dropped from small aircraft onto private ranches near the border, to their next stops along the distribution chain.

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  • Marcus

    You conveniently forgot to post your name, dear, irresponsible and anonymous author. You failed to mention that the claims by these two, former law enforcement officials were found to be lies by Texas DPS Director, Steven McCraw, as per the “rest of the story” in the full article link you provided. You also fail to state or reference any shred of evidence that former FBI agent, John Shipley, actually sold anything illegally, to anyone. Want proof that Shipley did nothing wrong? Here you go.


    In the real world (the one not completely overrun by gun-control fanatics and supporters), John Shipley did nothing wrong. Former sheriff’s deputy, Armando Rodriguez, is the individual who actually sold the weapon in question to a Mexican national with the approval and watchful eyes of the ATF, not Shipley, but thanks for spreading your irresponsible lies. One of the major media networks ought to be contacting you soon to see if you want an overpaid, job with no accountability for those you misinform.