Why the World Will Not Learn the Truth About Flight MH17 Shootdown

Truth is always the first casualty of war. Accordingly, the U.S. has been on a 13-year lying spree ever since 9/11 and Bush’s decision to invade Iraq “because it was doable” in the words of Bush administration officials. In the Iraq War, as with Afghan War and every other U.S. invasion and occupation, every manner of war crime and crime against humanity that was committed or abetted by the U.S. was overlooked by the U.N. and the ICC. Additionally, not only has the U.S. refused to abide by the ICC, it has likewise voted itself exempt from its strictures and the enforcement of international law.

It is painfully obvious that not only has U.S. influence corrupted the U.N and ICC so that international laws are made and enforced selectively, it has also made lying part of the institutional framework of these international organizations. This is the reason for the protracted standoff between U.S. and Iran on the issue of the Iranian nuclear energy program. In Washington truth is not recognized and good faith is not respected.

What makes the U.S.’s position regarding the shoot down of Flight MH117 so reprehensible and hypocritical is that after supporting Saddam’s invasion of Iran and providing him chemical weapons during the 7-year Iran-Iraq War, in a case of open belligerency the U.S. then downed Iran Flight 655 killing 290 Iranians, including 66 children and 16 crew members. An investigation of the shootdown of IR Flight 655 proved every single assertion made by the U.S. to be a lie.

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