A Final Salute To William Norman Grigg

The movement for freedom lost an important player yesterday.  William Norman Grigg died, aged 54, apparently from an infection. William is survived…

Trends.Gab.Com = The New Non-Cucked Drudge Report

For those of you who don’t frequent The Drudge Report website, you may not have known that Matt Drudge’s site went full cuck never-Trump a while back, leaving the conservative base without a decent news aggregation site, besides LibertarianNews.org of course. Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, just released The Gab Report at trends.gab.com.  The Gab…

A Reminder Of What Things Used To Be Like In America

This is the level of service you could expect at a simple gas station when America was still on a gold standard and Washington wasn’t completely dominated by criminals.

While today’s technology would doubtless render many jobs like this obsolete, what you should take away from this is that the value of money itself, which is tied to the productivity of the economy, is what allowed this level of service to take place on such a grand scale.

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