Ultimate Fascism – Amerika The Land Of Bread And Circuses

Kirk Nielsen of Miller-McCune.com reports:

"Those captivated by the cult of celebrity do not examine voting records or compare verbal claims with written and published facts and reports," Hedges writes. "The reality of their world is whatever the latest cable news show, political leader, advertiser, or loan officer says is reality. The illiterate, semiliterate, and those who live as though they are illiterate are effectively cut off from the past. They live in an eternal present. They do not understand the predatory loan deals that drive them into foreclosure and bankruptcy. They cannot decipher the fine print on credit card agreements that plunge them into unmanageable debt. They repeat thought-terminating clichés and slogans. They seek refuge in familiar brands and labels. … Life is a state of permanent amnesia, a world in search of new forms of escapism and quick, sensual gratification."

Of course, they did not get into this clueless state by themselves. They were manipulated by "agents, publicists, marketing departments, promoters, script writers, television and movie producers, advertisers, video technicians, photographers, bodyguards, wardrobe consultants, fitness trainers, pollsters, public announcers, and television news personalities who create the vast stage for illusion," Hedges continues. "They are the puppet masters. … The techniques of theater have leeched into politics, religion, education, literature, news, commerce, warfare, and crime."

I have already contacted the DHS and reported the author to the FBI for publishing subversive speech.

The only person clueless here is the author!

You are simply too dumb to understand the greatness that is fascism, corporate run government, and total tyranny!  You should be proud of the fact you can play guitar hero on expert mode while simultaneously doing a beer bong and stimulating yourself.  That is something all Amerikans should aspire too.  If there is anything I have learned from my publik school education is that being a total ignorant moron is cool!

Your political gods in action:

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