IRS Will Enforce Health Insurance

As you may know, the healthcare bill will fine people 250,000 dollars and put them in prison for 5 years if they fail to buy a suitable private health insurance plan or pay a payroll tax.

The healthcare bill assigns the IRS the job of making sure you fork over your cash to fascist insurance agencies.

USA Today reports:

Internal Revenue Service agents already try to catch tax cheats and moonshiners. Under the proposed health care legislation, they would get another assignment: checking to see whether Americans have health insurance…

In addition, the IRS would collect hundreds of billions of dollars in new fees on employers, drug companies and device makers, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

Of course, the IRS itself is a private organization contracted by the government for the enforcement of our taxes.  Much like the Federal Reserve, they are quasi-governmental.  Not really government, not really private, they reap the best benefits of both worlds.  The protection of being a government agency and the autonomy of being a private organization.

This is why fascism and socialism always leads to a police state.

Everything the government does, it does at the point of a gun.

Capitalism is purely voluntary, which is why libertarian organizations say they are working toward a “voluntary” society.  When capitalism is allowed to flourish, force becomes unnecessary.  The only time force needs to be involved is if someone engages in fraud or harms someone by their actions.