Whitehouse: Government Moles Supported Panty Bomber

Infowars reports:

Officials in the Obama White House are considering the possibility that the Christmas day attempt by Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Mutallab to blow up an airliner about to land in Detroit was deliberately and intentionally facilitated by unnamed networks inside the US intelligence community. This was the gist of a report by Richard Wolf delivered in this evening’s edition of cable network MSNBC’s Countdown program, hosted by Keith Olbermann. This report comes on the eve of a special White House interagency conference convoked by Obama to deal with the massive systemic failure of US intelligence in allowing the Yemen alumnus Mutallab to board the Amsterdam to Detroit flight while allegedly carrying a PETN explosive device on his person.

Of course, I’ve been saying such a network exists for years, with large portions of our CIA specifically being affected.

They are having a hard time keeping the panty bomber fiasco under wraps so the good guys must be taking off the gloves and airing the dirty laundry.


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