CNN: Postindustrial Apocalypse Problems? – Start Farming!


I love this shit:

Every weekday Hantz pulls his Volvo SUV out of the gated driveway of his compound and drives half an hour to his office in Southfield, a northern suburb on the far side of Eight Mile Road. His route takes him through a desolate, postindustrial cityscape — the kind of scene that is shockingly common in Detroit.

Then one day about a year and a half ago, Hantz had a revelation. "We need scarcity," he thought to himself as he drove past block after unoccupied block. "We can’t create opportunities, but we can create scarcity." And that, he says one afternoon in his living room between puffs on an expensive cigar, "is how I got onto this idea of the farm."

Since Detroit is a “postindustrial” apocalypse, I suppose blowing up previously decent middle class neighborhoods to plant dirt is a good idea.

Amerika needs good strong socialist farmers to raise crops for the mother land, just like the Ukraine under Stalin’s rule.

To be fair, what this guy is doing is probably a good thing considering the city is Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome replete with gun totting midgets and violent criminal gangs, but we should all take a moment to think about how the city imploded.


Yep, that basically sums it up.

Dems bent over and took a dooker of ultimate power on the city, looted everyone that had more than 2 dollars to their name, then imploded the city with firebombs.

Glorious Detroit: