55 Billion In Food Stamps – 37 Million On The Dole

JP Morgan controls the food stamp program.

Food stamps are electronic debit cards (of course, this way the banks can collect royalties on transactions and it prevents food stamp users from being able to barter with the stamps, locking them out of black markets where goods may be cheaper to obtain).

A representative from Morgan tells us about how great business is:


This guy sounds like a fucking drone on autopilot.

It makes me sick to my stomach to hear over 10% of Amerikan’s are now on food stamps because the government in collusion with Wall Street has fully imploded this economy.

As I sit here listening to this guy, my rage intensifies.

The poor ignorant masses have no idea what evil is about to befall them.  They will be lucky if those food stamps buy them a loaf of bread here in the near future. 

When people start starving, they loose it.  As the dollar implodes to worthlessness, riots and chaos will ensue.