Kalifornia Re-Institutes Slavery

"We have lots and lots of work to do. But we didn’t dig the hole," said Cliff Brandt. "I’m 66 years old and I came back to work because if I don’t, I can’t pay for my car  . . . Nobody should work and not get paid.  I think they used to have a word for it.  It’s called slavery."

The Kakistocracy in Kalifornia has deemed it necessary to enslave its workforce.

As in all good socialist utopias, the serfs primary job is to support the common good, typically at gun point, with no regard to their own personal well being or self-interests.

I know 99.9% of DMV workers are Dems, so part of me wants to LOL at the sweet justice of it all.  But the other half of me is furious over what is taking place.  No one should be forced into slavery.

This scenario of forced labor at the hands of the State is typical of socialist utopias.

This Kyiv Post article slams the point home:

If there is one thing that perplexes me most about Ukrainians, it is their willingness to work without pay. I am not talking about volunteerism. Getting Ukrainians to volunteer their time and effort for a good cause is a tough sell. I’m talking about working at a job 40 or more hours a week and