US Authorities Report Demise Of US Imminent

This country is toast.

I give it two years tops before the currency detonates.

Once the dollar goes, so goes the country.

  • 74 trillion in unfunded Medicare liabilities
  • 10.4 trillion in unfunded Socialist Security liabilities
  • 1.5 quadrillion dollar derivatives market backed entirely by worthless assets
  • Exponential increase of the US money supply in just a few months.

Its over.

Kind of exciting in a way, since this totalitarian fascist government will come to an end along with the currency. Hopefully the government we put in its place will be one that supports personal freedoms, limited government, and free markets, unlike our current fascist oligarchy.

Ever read the communist manifesto?

It has been fully implemented in this country today.

Centralized bank? – check
State control of resources? – check
State control of healthcare, social services, and education? – check

In a free capitalist society, markets would set interest rates, money would be created by market functions, social services would be run by the private sector, and resources would be managed by property rights rather than bureaucrats.

Go try to farm your land, mine your land, drill for oil on your land, or do ANYTHING on your land without state permission once.  You don’t own that land, the State does.  In fact, the State even charges you rent.  Fail to pay your rent to the State and they will send some guys with guns to take it from you.

Good luck.