LOL – FBI Uses Spanish MP’s Photo Claiming He’s Osama Bin Laden

Our glorious FBI hard at work.

BBC reports:

A Spanish politician has said he was shocked to find out the FBI had used his photo for a digitally-altered image showing how Osama Bin Laden might look.

Gaspar Llamazares said he would no longer feel safe travelling to the US after his hair and parts of his face appeared on a most-wanted poster.

He said the use of a real person for the mocked-up image was "shameless".

The FBI admitted a forensic artist had obtained certain facial features "from a photograph he found on the internet".

The digitally-altered photos of the al-Qaeda leader, showing how he might look now, aged 52, were published on the state department’s Rewards for Justice website on Friday.

Bin Laden’s safety is not threatened by this but mine certainly is

-Gaspar Llamazares


I have to take my hat off to the FBI. 

These guys are so blatantly full of crap on all counts that they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

In other news, the white supremacist movement is actually run by FBI agents.