MSM Supports Stalinist Voter Fraud To Win MA

News Busters reports:

The panic on the left concerning Tuesday’s special senatorial election is getting palpable, for on Friday, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz said on his radio program that he would try to vote ten times if he lived in Massachusetts.

"Yeah, that’s right, I’d cheat to keep these bastards out," he told his audience.

”’Cause that’s exactly what they are" (YouTube audio embedded below the fold courtesy our dear friend Brian Maloney, h/t Story Balloon):

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts, I’d try to vote ten times. I don’t know if they’d let me or not, but I’d try to. Yeah, that’s right, I’d cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. ‘Cause that’s exactly what they are.

The story goes on to report how MSNBC’s Chris Mathews echoed Schultz’s sentiments.

Of course, we are all well aware of the massive voter fraud brought to us courtesy of liberal fascist groups like ACORN and other “community organizing” groups.

Little wonder we don’t hear about such fraud in the MSM; they all support it.

Let us not forget what Democratic Party icon Josef Stalin had to say about the democratic process:

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."