Medina Blows Perry And Hutchison Out Of The Water

Debra Medina, the pro-freedom gubernatorial candidate for Texas, pulled out a virtual howitzer and blew Rick Perry (aka Corridor Man) along with Kay Bailey Hutchison (aka Banker Lackey) out of the water in a televised debate last night.

Medina was quoted as saying:

Screw these fascist pigs!  I will restore liberty and state sovereignty to the great free state of Texas.  The State doesn’t own your property, YOU DO!  The State is not your protector, YOU ARE!

Perry responded by stating:

I am a fascist pig that continually tries to ram through the Trans Texas Corridor under different labels and I promise to bend over backwards to give publicly owned property to foreign corporations, then allow those foreign corporations to derive profits by directly taxing the people.

I talk a good game about state sovereignty, but really, I’m just a lackey for corporate interests.

Hutchison went on record stating:

I was sent by God to lord over you plebes.  I am a Senator, therefore I have the right to run every aspect of your worthless plebeian lives.  I don’t suck up to corporations, I take them over!  I promise to run your life for you because you are obviously too dumb to take care of yourself.  You need someone like me to protect you from yourself.

Polls indicate a large jump in Medina’s figures just prior to the debate which forced the fascist pigs running the debate to put her in, despite their initial attempts to bar her from speaking.

Fascist liberals at the HuffPo blew a gasket after watching pure liberty and freedom eminate from Medina like a bonfire; even they recognized the blow-out that took place.  The sheer vitriol directed at Medina by the fascist left gives this blog writer a Viagra moment.

Judging by their first encounter Thursday night, broadcast statewide on PBS and nationally on C-SPAN2, they both lost to a Tea Party darling named Debra Medina. A gun totin’ and property rights supportin’ libertarian-Republican from the boondocks, Medina came off like Dick Cheney’s long lost twin sister. She was calm and collected, but her message was red meat for the masses on the Right.

My pants are off as I write this post.