Stazi US Police: Papers Please – Or else

An Infowars reporter was detained and interrogated for not showing an ID on command.  He was simply shooting some B roll and looking for someone to give a press release.  He did nothing wrong to cause such harassment.

Infowars reports:

Yet this officer approached me sternly, pointing his finger and commanding that I ‘point the camera somewhere else’ and provide ID. I refused.

Is this the brave new Amerikan utopia the socialists have envisioned for us?

I hope so.

For I am too dumb to video tape in a public area without being detained and interrogated.

I’m also too dumb to stand on the side of the road.

I’m also too dumb to drive on the highway.

I’m also too dumb to stand on the sidewalk.

“Never thought I could be in love with a pirate but she is hot 🙂 They always ask “Do you live around here” ….WTF who cares, am I commiting a crime or not?”

I could go on and on, but here’s some nice info for you criminals that don’t want to kowtow to the man: