Scott Brown Is A Fascist Douche

Of course, the public will never learn.

Watch Scotty demand a different healthcare bill that provides better payoffs to republican interests.

This douche of maximum strength Massengill power is simply upset that dems were hogging all the tax payer loot with their version.  Scotty’s version is sure to be far superior.  He’ll probably figure out a way to cut Lockheed-Martin in on it somehow.

I have faith in our republican RINOs that they will find a way to “compromise” ensuring we all end up with third world healthcare.

And of course, there was a libertarian candidate running that actually had morals and principles who would have put an end to the criminal takeover of our healthcare system, but morals and principles are not rewarded in politics.

I think libertarians should take a cue from the republicans and democrats.  Just tell people you’re a big fat statist pig up front, then when you get in office vote like Ron Paul does.

Two can play this game.