Attorney Refuses To Be Naked Body Scanned

By pervert courthouse security guards.

These naked body scanners aren’t just in the airports, oh no no no!

Perverts at your local courthouse need to view your child’s naked body as well!


Infowars provides some context:

He was told by deputies that he had a “choice” not to be scanned and could leave but the truth of the matter is he didn’t have a choice, it was mandatory to be scanned in order to enter the courthouse.  Mr. Fielder believes his right to privacy was more important and that consent must be given by the person being scanned since it stores nude photographs of the people who enter the machine.  Since consent was not given, the deputies had no right to scan the attorney but unlike travel situations where jurisdiction falls into the hands of the Federal Authorities, they had to let Mr. Fielder into the courthouse.

The deputies don’t realize that it is not a choice to go to court, it is required.  They were to comply with his request, not the other way around.&#16

Which is then viewed in some dark closed off spank booth hidden away where only government approved perverts can see it.

Kim Jong has made such devices mandatory in all junior high schools.