Timothy Geithner To Amerika: I'm Sorry For Getting Caught

Treasury Secretary / Criminal Looting Thug, Timothy Geithner, stood before congress today and stomped his feet demanding congressman Issa be arrested for interfering in a criminal looting operation.

Geithner, who was called before congress to explain why his criminal looting operation was publicly discovered, revealed that he had no good excuse for the failure of his cover up.

Geithner explained:

I attempted to keep the government/banker looting of the American people concealed at every turn.  I did everything I possibly could to keep this under wraps, but that scum sucking whore Darrell Issa just had to go sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong!

The congress should censure Issa for his arrogant and criminal actions!

Geithner went on to explain how he paid AIG 100 cents on the dollar for worthless derivatives which ended up costing the tax payers an estimated 13 billion dollars.

This 13 billion was promptly handed over to Goldman Sachs bankers, to which AIG owed billions of dollars.

Goldman Sachs then promptly turned around and used the 13 billion to install 4335 new lobbyists in Washington, along with securing 96 new presidential appointments for its former executives.

Congressman Barney Fwank also received  a fat cut of the loot, which he has used to buy this new super yacht: