Germans Granted Political Asylum In US

Because the fascist totalitarians in Germany have banned homeschooling there.

DW-World reports:

An American judge on Tuesday granted asylum to a German couple who wanted to homeschool their children, bringing international attention to the debate in Germany over the rights of parents to freely educate their children.

The decision came from immigration judge Lawrence O. Burman in Memphis, Tennessee. Judge Burman said the German government violated Uwe and Hannelore Romeike’s “basic human rights,” according to the website of the Home School Legal Defense Association, a Virginia-based pro-homeschooling organization that represented the couple.

The German government decided long ago that the serfs are too dumb to be trusted with educating their own children.  Only State approved nannies are allowed!

Not to worry my progressive friends!  Democrats here at home are working tirelessly day and night to wipe out the homeschooling option here in Amerika as well.

Had this case taken place in the freedom loving state of Kalifornia, I have no doubt that the outcome of this case would be far different.

For YOU are too dumb to teach your children.