Wall Street Journal debunks Conspiracy Theory

Fascist Contributor Mouser98 brings us a detailed article on authoritarian elitists that control the current truth:

In an article appearing the in the Wall Street Journal’s Life and Style section, David Aaronovitch, a columnist for The Times of London, purports to tell us how to fend off the people who insist they know the real story behind everything. As commenters point out, he never actually gives us the ‘how to’ but he does go to great length expounding first on the reason that such theories emerge and then different tactics used by the tin foil hat crowd to circumvent the obvious logic of the mainstream “truth” in order to appear convincing.

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Personally, I think David Anchoviebitch used to work for the Agitprop Dept. of the CCCP.  Only our God like anointed leaders know the current truth!

The Obama administration has advocated infiltrating and arresting those who oppose approved party dogma.