Judge Andrew Napolitano: Natural Rights and The Patriot Act!

The good judge lays down some extremely inflammatory rhetoric.

A few choice quotes from this most excellent speech:

"It is the duty of the people to alter or abolish a government that violates our rights!"

"The right to self-defense.  The right to use a gun when the police are unwilling or unable to protect you."

"And the right to use that gun on the government if it steals our freedoms!"


I actually have a picture of the Judge in his speedo hanging above my bed with four spotlights on it.

The Judge goes on to describe how the federal government attempted to lock up two senior citizen librarians for discussing the fact that FBI agents had served them with a self-written search warrant to look at books a private citizen has been reading.

The so-called Patriot Act has:

  • Made it a crime to discuss illegal government search warrants.
  • Allows federal agents to write their own warrants without judge’s approval.
  • Allows the federal government to investigate what books you read and have checked out of the library.
  • Allows the federal government to criminalize truth under oath in a courtroom.

But you love it.