More CIA Love: 'Justice Denied' in CIA Shootdown of Missionaries

As readers of this blog know, I have a special hard-on for the criminal unconstitutional organization known as the CIA.

The overwhelming evidence of their involvement in expansive tyranny ranging from supporting enemies of the state to drug running can not be ignored by the public any longer.

Here we have Rep. Pete Hoekstra (who must be an honorable man to fight these criminals) declaring the CIA has not been held accountable for the murder of missionaries it engaged in.

ABC reports:

The CIA today was accused of lying to Congress and covering up its role in the deaths of two innocent Americans, a mother and her infant daughter, at the hands of the CIA and the Peruvian Air Force nine years ago.

“If there’s ever an example of justice delayed, justice denied, this is it,” said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R.-Mich., ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee. “The [intelligence] community’s performance in terms of accountability has been unacceptable. These were Americans that were killed with the help of their government, the community covered it up, they delayed investigating.”

The criminal organization known as the CIA must be shut down and the agents responsible must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for treason, murder, and other heinous conspiracies.