Fascists Demand Total Control Over The EU

Obviously the reason why the EU bloc has been doing so poorly lately is due to the fact that unelected EU bureaucrats just don’t have enough power.

The WSJ reports:

Spain took over the rotating presidency of the EU at the beginning of this year. The country’s prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, said last week that he believed the economic plan for the next ten years should involve a move to a single economic policy for the EU, covering spending, investment and tax policies.

“The Lisbon Treaty allows more coordination. We should make sure to give the Commission new powers,” he said, a view apparently endorsed by France’s President Nicholas Sarkozy.

The EU has a problem.

Some of its member countries are somewhat responsible while others are not.  You see, in order for a socialist totalitarian oligarchy to work correctly, ALL nations must be completely irresponsible.  If one member nation runs itself with limited regulation, limited spending, and limited taxation, it will prosper ahead of other member nations, thereby making the other nations look bad.

The US used to have competition between the states until the criminal federal government came in and took a dump on state sovereignty.   There still is some limited competition between the states, but not nearly as much as there used to be.

This is why totalitarian socialists always demand total control over everything and naturally attempt to expand their empire and influence.  As Rockefeller said, competition is a sin.