Wearing Medals Is A Crime Against The State

Michael Patrick McManus was arrested Friday night after a federal judge signed a warrant for his arrest.

His crime?

Wearing a military uniform with unearned medals.

The guy is apparently a real veteran, but basically loaded himself up with a bunch of outrageous decorations.   Just looking at the guy, he looks like a liberal douche.  No honorable serviceman would walk around with that chin scruff stuck to his face while in uniform.  HOWEVER, spending my tax dollars on locking up this turd for up to a year over wearing some blatantly outrageous medals is more of an outrage than his wearing the medals in the first place.

I mean give me a fooking break.  Is it really necessary to waste untold tens of thousands of my tax dollars on prosecuting, convicting, and incarcerating this guy for wearing unearned medals?   Did he cause harm to someone by his actions?  Did he abuse the authority granted by the uniform to engage in a criminal act against someone?  No, he did not.

As a prior serviceman myself, I find his actions disgusting.  But wasting tens of thousands on locking this guy up for wearing outrageous medals is a tyranny against my pocketbook.   As a prior serviceman, I’m also keenly aware that a HUGE number of real serviceman bump their bars with unearned trivial medals all the time.   Typically it’s little stuff like marksman badges or deployment ribbons, but still, this isn’t anything new.  If the military set about strictly enforcing this law, I figure roughly at least a tenth of the US military would be behind bars right now.  Not to mention the real “unearned” medals awarded by officers to themselves over trivial bullshat.

One more victimless crime to waste my money on and for our government to enslave us with.  Isn’t it enough to simply out the guy as a fraud and humiliate him?  Is a year in prison really called for here?